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Foodies. Creatives. Makers. Family.

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Name: Aisha Pew

Where are you from: Brooklyn, NY

Talents/passions: Creating beautiful spaces, interior design, deep lounging

Role in cafe: Navigator and coach

Why this community: I love Baltimore. It reminds me so much of the community I grew up in. The energy of this community is infectious and I love the way that it pours into the cafe walls and spill out of our doors.

What brought you to the cafe: I spent my life building other people's dreams. By opening the cafe I was finally able to ask myself--what my dreams where. What makes me come alive and how to live out my purpose. 

Name: Cole

Where are you from: Born in Chocolate City, raised in the Town (Oakland, CA).


Talents/passions: I am a practitioner of the impossible, resource magnet, hustler and hype man. I love supporting people to reach new levels in their leadership. 

Role in cafe: Jack of all trades...businesses development, coach & trainer, circle keeper. 

Why this community: Baltimore holds so many layers of Black magic. Harnessing that for Black Baltimore to rise starts with this community. To tap into it, support it and watch it evolve is an incredible honor. 

What brought you to the cafe: My life path, my amazing wife Aisha, our family and a dream. One of Black joy and love. A dream of what free Black folks can build and create together.

Cole Headshot.jpg

Name: Cierra Lione

Where are you from: West Baltimore

Talents and Passions: My passions and talents are Arts and entertainment and supporting and helping my people in every way possible.

Role in Cafe: Arts & Cultural Curator

Why this community: I’m invested in the community because I’m apart of the community. Taking care of my people takes care of me. The community That fed me, loved me and welcomed me with open arms will always be first priority to me. We are really all we got. 

What brought you to Cafe: What brought me to the cafe was the community. The way that people gravitated to the space. Peaked my curiosity and I had to check it out!

Name: Janasha "Nae" Coppage - Goodwin 

Where are you from: Brooklyn, NY 

Talents and Passions: Spread Love it's the Brooklyn way, Motherhood, Manifesting, Community Communing, Rest, Holistic Anything

Role in Cafe: Food & Beverage Curator

(The Pisces lol)

Why this community: I love Baltimore. This community is magical. I love how unapologetically Black and powerful it is.

What brought you to Cafe: It was the 2016 blizzard and the city was shut down, the cafe was the only place open. I came in, chose a corner with a notebook and fell in love. The energy is loving, healing, self-accepting, most importantly authentically inspiring.  


Name: Myah Willis

Where are you from: Born in Chicago but I grew up in Baltimore

Talents/passions: Reading, cooking, laughing

Role in cafe: Executive Chef

Why this community: I love the acceptance of the community and how it’s loves everyone as they are.

What brought you to the cafe: All the Black people. And the energy on Dovecote's Instagram.

Name: Sierra Underdue

Where are you from: Newark, NJ

Talents and Passions: Foodie by day, poet by night. 

Role in Cafe: Home Curator

Why this community: The art scene in Baltimore is unmatched.

What brought you to Cafe: Divine alignment. When I was younger I always said I wanted to own my own cafe and the universe would have it where I’d come into the cafe on cloudy day while I was on break at work for another job and the rest is history.

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