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Name: Aisha Pew

Where are you from: Brooklyn, NY

Talents/passions: Creating beautiful spaces, interior design, deep lounging

Role in cafe: Navigator and coach

Why this community: I love Baltimore. It reminds me so much of the community I grew up in. The energy of this community is infectious and I love the way that it pours into the cafe walls and spill out of our doors.

What brought you to the cafe: I spent my life building other people's dreams. By opening the cafe I was finally able to ask myself--what my dreams where. What makes me come alive and how to live out my purpose. 

Name: Cole

Where are you from: Born in Chocolate City, raised in the Town (Oakland, CA). 

Talents/passions: I am a practitioner of the impossible, resource magnet, hustler and hype man. I love supporting people to reach new levels in their leadership. 

Role in cafe: Jack of all trades...businesses development, chef in back of house & front of house too!

Why this community: Baltimore holds so many layers of Black magic. Harnessing that for Black Baltimore to rise starts with this community. To tap into it, support it and watch it evolve is an incredible honor. 

What brought you to the cafe: My life path, my amazing wife Aisha, our family and a dream. One of Black joy and love. A dream of what free Black folks can build and create together.

Name: Kasean Reeves

Where are you from: Baltimore City

Talents/passions: Poetry, music, theater. Any form of art and community outreach. I am passionate about reaching the community through art and healthier ways of expression.

Role in cafe: I work front of house and in the community with our food giveaway and community shop. 

Why this community:  Because it all comes full circle for me. I used to hang out in Reservoir Hill before I knew what applying myself really meant. Now that I know, I feel I have knowledge and love to offer. The black community especially because we need to see black folk with genuine hearts who want to provide and can hold each other accountable with love. I refuse to talk that talk and not walk it out. 

What brought you to the cafe: the energy in Dovecote Cafe has always been welcoming and loving for me. I have seen first hand how the cafe effects the community without expecting praise for it and I believe that is the best way to give back, that’s what makes it genuine.

Name: Kevin B 

Where are you from: East Baltimore City 

Talents and Passions: cleaning, cooking, massage therapy, helping others, building things with my hands, preaching the truth, and studying history.

Role in Cafe: I'm a chef in back of house 

Why this community: It has roots that I wanted to connect with.

What brought you to Cafe: My little sister Danny told me about the cafe and Blackness of the space the togetherness of the people inside and outside of the cafe because of the cafe.

Name: Janasha "Nae" Coppage - Goodwin 

Where are you from: Brooklyn, NY 

Talents and Passions: Motherhood, beauty (hair, braids, extensions), SLEEP, community! 

Role in Cafe: Front of House OG

Why this community: I love Baltimore. I love how unapologetically Black and powerful it is. I felt the shift years ago. I'm just awaiting the infectious spread of more Black love. 

What brought you to Cafe: I was introduced to West Baltimore and fell in in love. My only dilemma was that I lived in a food dessert. One snowy day the cafe was the ONLY place that had food and I've been here ever since. I support the vision and love the cafe offers the world. 

Name: Seandria Somerville

Where are you from: Brooklyn, Md

Talents/passions: Writing, Cooking, Eating, Movies

Role in cafe: Executive Chef

Why this community: The energy in this space is unlike any I've ever experienced. I enjoy myself at work, that's a rare gift. 

What brought you to the cafe: All the Black people. And the energy on Dovecote's Instagram.

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